We need your help giving feral kittens a chance to live a life where they will know warmth, love, regular food and a loving family. Whether you live alone, you have a small or big family, you have the ability to save a life.


Whilst many are unable to permanently add a new member to their families, being able to offer a warm and loving home for a kitten until a forever-home is found can be the difference between a kittens survival. If you are able to open your home and your heart to fostering please get in touch with us, every home helps!


Feral kittens that are given a loving home will become the most grateful and loving pets you can imagine. They often join existing pet families and very often love the attention of adults and children alike. A life in your home rather than one on the streets is what we want to give these young kittens. If you are able to give a forever home to a loving kitten please click the button below.



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How can you help?

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Greater Kruger Alley Cats Initiative (GKACI) is a fully registered charity with NPO status in South Africa, Reg No. 2016/521059/08.